Lokasi Pelaksanaan UAS Masa 2019.1

Dear Mahasiswa, yang Kami Banggakan..

Berikut Daftar Lokasi Pelaksanaan Ujian Akhir Semester (UAS) Masa 2019.1 Universitas Terbuka. Terdapat 3 hari pelaksanaan, yaitu Tanggal 23 Juni, 29 Juni, dan 30 Juni 2019. Silahkan Dicocokkan dengan Kode Ruangan yang tertera di dalam Kartu Tanda Peserta Ujian (KTPU) Anda.

Not all novels must aspire to become very heavy and very long tomes. Of course, Marcel Proust has filled as many as 7 volumes with his ‘In search of lost time’, but it certainly does not mean that you have to do the same – it must also be said that he dedicated 13 years to complete this work. Descriptions that are too long are dangerous, and the superfluous must be cut without remorse, so as not to bore the reader. Do not write to sell, learn this here now how to do it in the right way. Finally, a suggestion about the mentality to adopt to write one’s first book. No one should write thinking about the money he will make with the sale of his work. And this is not valid only now that the publishing industry is in crisis and that the prospects for profit are poor. As Virginia Woolf used to say, ‘great authors are not paid to write: they do it instead of out of passion’. Write because you like to do it, not to sell, and not follow trends!

Daftar Lokasi UAS – Tanggal 23 Juni 2019

Daftar Lokasi UAS – Tanggal 29 Juni 2019 (KHUSUS UAS TAP / LAB / S2)

Daftar Lokasi UAS – Tanggal 30 Juni 2019

Selamat Mempersiapkan Diri Menempuh UAS, Semoga Mendapatkan Nilai Terbaik.

Beri aku 6 jam untuk menebang pohon dan aku akan menghabiskan 4 jam pertama untuk menajamkan kapaknya. (Abraham Lincoln)

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